The Mindset Behind Flipping vs Renting Properties | My Real Estate Investing Strategy

The Mindset Behind Flipping vs Renting Properties | My Real Estate Investing Strategy

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Thach Nguyen has come a long way since arriving in America at age 4 with his parents, four brothers, and sister in 1975. Focus, drive, determination, and great mentors paved the way for him to go from a homeless refugee to a multi-millionaire.

Thach is the CEO & Founder of Thach Real Estate Group and principal of Springboard to Wealth. He is not only a seasoned realtor, investor, coach, author, and speaker, but also a proud ambassador of the American Dream. During his 30 years in the real estate industry, he has built more than 300 homes, townhouses, multifamily units and completed over 100 flips, and owns over 100 rental properties giving him over $100,000 a month in passive income. Thach and his team have assisted more than 1,500 families to create their own American Dream of home ownership, ranking him in the Top 1% of all real estate professionals nationwide.

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0:00:00 Should I flip this house or keep it as a rental property?
0:00:57 The mindset of delayed gratification and the benefits of owning rental property
0:02:18 Factors to consider: appreciation and cash flow
0:03:52 Different markets for rental properties: A, B, C, and D
0:05:14 Example of a high-end property with good appreciation but low cash flow
0:09:48 Example of a low-end property with good cash flow but low appreciation
0:12:25 Property appreciation in certain areas of Seattle and the Midwest
0:13:05 Transitioning from D area to B and C area for better appreciation
0:13:31 Owning property in B and C areas for rapid net worth growth
0:14:23 Balancing section eight rentals with B and C properties
0:15:36 Investing in properties between B and D areas
0:16:16 The potential of building detached ADUs in the backyard
0:17:26 ADUs as the new cash flow game in high-density areas
0:18:09 Financing ADU construction and rental income potential
0:19:53 Positive cash flow and equity growth with ADU properties
0:20:59 Adu as the game changer in real estate investment
0:21:24 Mindset for keeping or flipping properties
0:21:32 Conclusion and call to action

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By: Thach Nguyen
Title: The Mindset Behind Flipping vs Renting Properties | My Real Estate Investing Strategy
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