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What Happens When You Buy Your Neighbor's Mortgage Note?

June 20, 2024
  by Corrie

🚀 Learn everything that took us from $0 to $50M+ Note Revenue: 💰 How To Invest in Mortgage Notes [Free Course] 🌐 Join our free forum to get started with the community What happens in the secondary..

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How To Quickly Calculate A Real Estate Deal

June 19, 2024
  by Carson

Read More By: Thach Nguyen Title: How To Quickly Calculate A Real Estate Deal Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecu2TTt_7mg _______________

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REITs: How to Invest In Real Estate With Little Money!

June 9, 2024
  by Carson

What are Real Estate Investment Trusts? (REITs) and are they better than physical real estate? Today we're going to go over what a REIT is, the benefits and risks of REITs, and we'll also go over what to look for in a..

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