Wealth Building | Real Estate Investing Fundamentals Masterclass Pt 8

Wealth Building | Real Estate Investing Fundamentals Masterclass Pt 8

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In the Real Estate Investing Fundamentals Masterclass you will learn how to invest in real estate to start building wealth and passive income.

Learn how to invest in real estate 🏑 for FREE! Discover real estate investing strategies and secrets, including:

🧠 Mindset: The success plan used by high-achieving entrepreneurs you must follow to reach your goals.
πŸ” Deal Flow: How to set up multiple funnels where real estate deals come to you.
πŸ’­ Estimating Repairs: What to look for in order to quickly and accurately estimate repair costs.
πŸ”Ž Evaluating Deals: How to evaluate every type of deal to make sure you never lose money.
🏦 Financing Deals: Where and how to find more money than you will ever need to fund all of your deals.
πŸ› οΈ Rehabbing Deals: How to find and manage contractors to complete your project on time and on budget.
πŸ’° Income Generation: What you must do to turn your investment into a profitable deal.
πŸ’Ž Wealth Building: A simple plan of action to build a multi-million dollar rental portfolio.

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πŸ”₯ Chris Bounds is a real estate investor, fund manager, top 0.3% growth leader at eXp Realty, 2x ICON Agent with over $90 million in transactions, and founder of Invested Agents.

With his wife Jamie, Chris has used more than $20 million from private lenders and equity partners to buy around 1,000 single-family & multifamily units (including 200 flips).

He is also an IRONMAN finisher, private pilot, and endurance race enthusiast.

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Title: Wealth Building | Real Estate Investing Fundamentals Masterclass Pt 8
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