Ultimate "Tax Lien Certificate" Tutorial Training: + Tax Deed Foreclosures!

Ultimate "Tax Lien Certificate" Tutorial Training: + Tax Deed Foreclosures!

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Topic: Members Weekly Webinar Training - Ultimate Tax Lien Tutorial Training - what you need to know. In the training we cover - What are the Risks, and How can I avoid them? How much can I make? How do I tell a good lien from a bad lien, and much more. Plus I reveal my "Lien to Value" Ratio Method - And the Tax Lien Thermometer. Subscribe for more great videos and to keep up to date on all the hottest Tax Lien & Deed investing strategies and auctions! Plus, check below for our Free Training and Membership Offers.

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THE BEST INVESTMENT PERIOD: You can safely earn Double Digit Returns on your money with Tax Liens and acquire property for 10%-50% of Market Value through Tax Deed Foreclosures. Learn about the new Foreclosure Opportunity available to investors and the methods used to invest in real estate tax liens and tax deeds. Learn about Tax sale buying methods including live auctions, online auctions, over the counter investing and Bank Owned Secondary Tax Liens & Deeds.

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OUR COMMITMENT: At Tax Sale Support we are committed to giving inventors the tools and knowledge to become successful with Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing. Tax Sale Support Founders Stephen Swenson and Shade Ferre have been teaching Tax Sale Investing strategies for over 20 years. Their strategies and techniques have been taught to over sixty thousand investors at seminars, coaching programs, online trainings and even on TV. You won’t find a better value for tax sale training then working with Stephen & Shades Team at Tax Sale Support.

Thanks, SJ Swenson & Shade F

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0:00 Introduction
0:02 Tax Lien Investing Training
0:31 Training Topics
1:16 What is a Tax Lien
2:55 Ways to Buy Tax Liens
3:13 On-Site Auctions
6:05 OTC Investing
9:36 Redemption Periods
10:27 Face vs Redemption Value
13:43 Bidding Systems
18:25 Smart Investing Tools
18:35 Lien to Value Ratio
25:29 Tax Lien Roll-Up
28:59 Testing the Temperature
36:27 Low Risk Liens
38:15 Getting Started
38:57 Targeting Tax Liens
40:56 Investing for Interest Rate Returns KEY POINTS
43:47 Investing to Acquire Propert
46:19 How to Get Started

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By: Tax Sale Secrets
Title: Ultimate "Tax Lien Certificate" Tutorial Training: + Tax Deed Foreclosures!
Sourced From: www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjIXS-zHlb8

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