The Ultimate Canadian Investment Guide For 2023

The Ultimate Canadian Investment Guide For 2023

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April 13, 2024
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In this video we'll go through the best ways to invest in Canada in 2023. We'll look at specific accounts you should be using, as well as investment types that you may want to include in your portfolio. We'll also have on Chris Richard from BCV asset management to discuss alternative assets, which is becoming more accessible to the common investor.

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0:00 - Intro
0:28 - RRSP
1:24 - TFSA
2:15 - Non-Registered Account
3:13 - RESP
4:33 - RDSP
6:03 - Investment Accounts vs. Types
6:40 - Stocks
7:35 - Mutual Funds
9:45 - ETF
11:18 - Real Estate
11:54 - Bonds
13:25 - Alternative Assets

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Title: The Ultimate Canadian Investment Guide For 2023
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